Ben Kelly


Wonderful was an acclaimed touring exhibition that featured collaborations between artists and scientists and ran at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol, Magna in Rotherham, and The Cornerhouse Gallery in Manchester.

BKD was asked to create an adaptable exhibition design that would work equally as well in each of the three very different gallery spaces. The challenge was to ensure the exhibition made a big impact but still provided intimate spaces in which to view the individual pieces. 

Separate pavilions were created to house each collaboration using two interlocking shapes which varied in scale. These helped provide the viewer with a sense of enclosure and privacy while they experienced each collaborative work. To create a feeling of unity, the boxes were clad in horizontally slatted timber and were bathed in a bright yellow light. A selection of tactile materials relating to the artwork within and selected by the artists themselves were also added, these included feathers, felt and PVC. 

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Curated and commissioned by Clare Cumberlidge & Co

ClientWellcome Trust/ NESTA
LocationArnolfini (Bristol), Magna (Rotherham), Cornerhouse (Manchester)