Ben Kelly


A collection of broken fragments and abandoned relics from a ruined and mythical nightclub. Occasional music - distorted and muffled echoing previous activity. Coloured lights change and morph. Video plays on monitors – reflected in shards of mirror held in abstract sculptural assemblages - cut ups of dance clubs through history – abstract and archival. Scattered and broken remnants, piles of cables and old trainers. A large rotating mirror ball hovers over a broken dance floor which has been mysteriously shattered, ruptured and smashed into the architecture of the host building. An empty and damaged bar is left resting on a pile of sand, flotsam and jetsam, remnants of a nightclub marooned on piles of rubble while lighting, music and video play to an empty and abandoned space. The party is over. It will come to life when required.

Photographer: Jack Hems

ClientThe Vinyl Factory
Location180 The Strand
Collaborators Virgil Abloh