Ben Kelly

Identity: 8 Rooms 9 Lives

BKD’s design for The Wellcome Trust’s exhibition Identity began with the creation of separate rooms to accommodate the stories of each of the nine lives featured — these included diarist Samuel Pepys, scientist Alec Jeffreys and Jewish artist Claude Cahun. Each room featured identical green powder-coated steel support-frame structures which were installed parallel to the gallery walls. The steel frames supported an inner and outer lightweight cladding system, a ‘plywood skin’ that was individual to each module—the skin’s form was determined by the contents of each room and represented the subject or person featured. BKD positioned the entrance to each room in a way that prompted visitors to move freely around the exhibition and discover the different ways to get in and out of each room.

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ClientThe Wellcome Trust
DateNovember 2009 - April 2010