Ben Kelly

Gymbox, Bank

Aiming to create a series of urban gyms sited in unusual (and hard to let) spaces, the Gymbox brand breaks the mould of aspirational, white-box fitness clubs by offering a more stimulating, club-inspired environment.

Gymbox Bank is the third space designed by BKD and is located within the vaults of the former Lloyds Bank HQ building. Whilst maintaining the core approach of the previous clubs, this project provided an opportunity to develop the concept even further and build on Gymbox’s strong visual identity. Massive vault doors gave a nod to the building’s former use and low-level walls in the gym area surround the equipment whilst providing a sense of a landscape within the space. At high level, services and theatrical lighting are exposed and form an integral part of the overall scheme. An elevated DJ position overlooks the main floor, while an enclosed studio with oversized illuminated signage forms the focal point of the space.

Gymbox website

Location71 Lombard Street, London