Ben Kelly

Design Cities

Design Cities was an ambitious exhibition held at the Design Museum in London and Istanbul Modern, which set out to tell the story of modern design through a carefully selected choice of objects. Curated by Design Museum Director Deyan Sudjic, the exhibition featured objects from seven key cities at their creative heights: London (1851), Vienna (1908), Dessau (1928), Paris (1936), Los Angeles (1949), Milan (1957), Tokyo (1987) and London (2008).

BKD created an elegant, modular display system to house the very diverse collection of exhibits. Fabricated in Istanbul before the final selection of objects had been made, the infinitely flexible design consisted of hollow rectangular steel support frames, housing individual panels of folded steel and the exhibition’s signage system, designed by longstanding collaborators Graphic Thought Facility. 

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ClientDesign Museum
LocationDesign Museum, London & Istanbul Modern, Istanbul
DateApril - August 2008 (Istanbul) and September - January 2009 (London),